Everywhere you go in East Africa, you will see kangas.

A kanga – in Somalia is called Futa – is a colourful piece of cotton fabric, normally sold as two matching joined pieces. The kanga is more than a piece of clothing; it marks the rhythm of Swahili life.

Each kanga is stamped with a saying, a piece of wisdom; some of them serve as blessings for good fortune, friendship; others as a threat for everyone to see. Kangas are passed down in families, from mother to daughter, until they are rags used to clean the house.

Kangas are versatile, useful and uniquely African; worn in various ways, they are perfect for a day at the beach or pool, a picnic in the park. They can have many other uses, of your own choice, in the house and the garden.

Our Kanga are imported from Tanzania. 100% cotton
Each design measures 1 mt (width)*1,55 mt (lenght).
Cold wash recommended.
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