My friends wittily call me “The Baroness of Zunguni”.

I spent the first years of my life on a banana farm near the Zunguni village, south of Somalia.

Until 1991 my life was marked by long summers and Christmas holidays to visit my parents in Somalia, where I also met Roberto, the father of my kids.

Unfortunately, the outbreak of the civil war in Somalia in 1990 marked the end.

This path of life meant falling madly in love with Africa.

Africa is a place without time, where everything becomes music, spirituality, hospitality.

Our Africa is not the one of compassion or of sorrow, but this is the Africa of the exchange of smiles, of irony, of colors.

It is to awake in the morning and to be in contact with the elements of life.

It is Earth, it is Air, it is Water, it is Fire. The sky touches the ocean, the ocean touches the sky.

It is walking on an eternal and silent beach that suddenly comes to life.

It is the warmth of its inhabitants, the majesty of their movements, their spiced tea prepared and offered with care.

It is the life of the town markets beating with brilliant colors

In the face of so much magic… we certainly could not give up!

This is how we started going to Tanzania, a wonderful country, made by equally wonderful people.

We have started to import their joyful and versatile fabrics into Italy.

It is a well-established experience that translates into professionalism, quality and collaborations with stylists, theaters, designers and craftsmen.

Only in Africa have we felt inside of us such energy and emotions, which we would love to share, leaving you with the taste of those places, those lands where we will surely return (one day).

  • My parents in Zunguni
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